James Begg as a Philanthropist

In his own day Dr Begg was a household name in Scotland, a popular preacher, a prominent contributor to the ecclesiastical and political debates of the time and – as this article highlights – a tireless campaigner for the amelioration of the harsh material conditions in which so many of his fellow Scots spent their lives. Begg’s approach to social issues was rooted in a compassionate outlook based on the scriptural principle of philanthropy. This principle is seen in the moral law which requires the love of our neighbour as ourselves, in the specific legislation of the Mosaic economy which required a concern for the physical welfare and protection of mankind and, above all, in the teaching and example of the Lord Jesus Christ, who went about doing good, healing the sick and having compassion on the multitudes. Furthermore, the history of the Reformed Church in Scotland furnished Dr Begg with a good number of examples of leading ministers who raised their voices on behalf of the widow and the orphan, such as John Knox and Samuel Rutherford. Whilst Begg is best remembered today as a trenchant opponent of theological liberalism and Roman Catholicism his contribution in the social sphere should not be overlooked.

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450th Anniversary of the Reformation

24 August 2010

A Thanksgiving Service was held in the historic Magdalen Chapel,Edinburgh, on 24th August 2010 to commemorate the day 450 years previously that witnessed the abolition of Papal authority in Scotland. Rev Hugh Cartwright, Edinburgh, preached from Romans 5:1-2.

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