Begg’s Scotland

The Scotland in which James Begg lived was then at the height of its influence on the world stage, a small nation making an unprecedented contribution in the realms of science, industry and religion. The wealth and pre-eminence of the wider British Empire provided the stimulus and outlet for a great deal of this activity. Having undergone a remarkable transition from a rural and agricultural society to a modern industrial and urban economy in a very short period the Central Lowlands of Scotland became the scene of tremendous contrasts between wealth, industry, respectability and opulence on the one hand, with poverty, squalor, disease and widespread drunkenness and immorality on the other.

Having been brought up in a rural parish in Lanarkshire, Begg always held to an ideal of the parochial system where the Church’s influence on the wider society was to be exerted for the good of the whole community from the local level upwards. His early ministry in Paisley and Liberton, on the outskirts of Edinburgh, convinced him of the need for aggressive action to tackle the social problems which he witnessed so readily all around him. His gifts as an orator and pamphleteer were employed in arousing public sympathy for his solutions. Dr Thomas Smith, Begg’s biographer, wrote, ‘he never regarded religion as designed to be separate from the daily life of men, but as necessarily bearing upon all educational, economic, social and moral relations never a man had a stronger conviction that the same godliness which is profitable for the life which is to come, is profitable also for the life which is now.’ Begg did not, of course, intend to mix politics with religion in an unscriptural manner in the pulpit; rather he believed it was incumbent on preachers and private Christians alike to help their poor neighbours through influencing those in positions of power. ‘All that ministers can do in the secular field is only to throw out suggestions;’ he once wrote, ‘others must execute.’

Why we need faith in our lives

Even though we all have different ways of worshiping, the purpose is more than often the same: to attract in our lives elements like positivity, peace and the hope for a better world. Regardless of the denomination to which we separately adhere, the benefits that we obtain in the long term can only bring us a better understanding of our nature and of the holy teachings.

Since we are young and all through our adulthood we try to discover the true meaning of life. We reach out to God or to a spiritual leader, we search and we study but the reason seems to escape us far too often. The answer could be right in front of us the whole time and it can only be translated to a single word: faith. It is the bond that keeps the world together and which we can teach to our children or advocate it to escorts we meet on the street or online. The more people that will find inner peace through faith, the better the world will be.

Life has its ups and downs and we sometimes find ourselves lost in a hurricane of doubt, confusion and alienation. Without faith there are very few people who manage to get back on their feet and see the world in a brighter light. Even then, they become fragile persons who are likely to succumb back to depression and sooner or later they find themselves asking for help from escorts on web. It is then that faith could prove to be their biggest and worthiest ally. By believing in God and its guidance, they can accept their situation as a temporary problem rather than a finite solution.

It is said that miracles happen only to those who truly believe in them. And this is true, as with faith really beautiful things can enter our lives. In a world of increasing violence and suffering, sometimes having a good friend seems to be a miracle of unexpected proportions. Besides the nature of that good person, another reason why your bond is so strong and trusting is that you had faith in him or her and this paid off in a spectacular and touching way. Unless you have a busy social life or you spend a good number of hours with escorts, it is difficult to find the time to attract this kind of relationships into your life. Only with faith you can achieve that.

Faith has a strong healing factor. History is full of accounts when even the strongest medicine in the world could not take the pain away from a suffering patient, yet when faith was prescribed and administered the situation improved drastically. Many people have escaped the clutches of deathly illnesses only by keeping faith in their God. Their stories, which have been shared in books, movies, have proved to be the perfect example to follow by those who suffered in a similar way and could not find support anywhere.


AGM Programme

10.30 am - Annual General Meeting

11.30 am - “The Influence of the Word in the Scottish Reformation”
Speaker: Rev Maurice Roberts

2.00 pm - “The Development of the Authorised Version”
Speaker: Rev Trevor Kirkland

All are welcome. For further informtion contact Rev John J Murray (tel. 0141 620 3983) or

Formation of Skye Branch

Rev AS Wayne Pearce, the APC minister in Portree, is hoping to form a Skye Branch of the Society. An inaugural meeting is being organized for October (DV). Anyone interested should contact Dr Pearce on (01470) 582 421.

Coming Events

Annual General Meeting

1 October 2011

Edinburgh, Saturday 1 October (DV). Speakers include Rev Maurice Roberts & Rev Trevor Kirkland.

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Pope Benedict XVI and the United Kingdom

A new book on the Pope’s visit to the UK called “Pope Benedict XVI and the United Kingdom” has been published by Free Presbyterian Publications.

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